A new media ecological public blockchain
for unbundling BAADD media

Every Media blockchain Platform In order to solve the social problems caused by BAADD media, we propose an ecosystem which anyone can implement a decentralized service by unbundling the mechanism of the media and combining blockchain technology and coin-ecosystem for value exchange.

We Start

Social Problems of the BAADD
Media Ecosystem
    • Economic inequality due to distribution monopoly
    • Traditional media business under Attention Economy has faced a stage, where it cannot grow itself
    • Distribution of Economic profits for a few of large media firms
    • A vicious circle of BAADD Media’s exclusive expansion
    • Infringement of personal information sovereignty
    • The media collects personal information that the user does not recognize
    • An unexposed business revenue structure for BAADD media’s profit creation
    • Using the personal information for the advertiser of BAADD Media to reach their own purposes
    • Biased dissemination of information and political abuse
    • Information is concentrated by traffic that concentrated on a few of large media firms
    • Only the information selected for the media is exposed to the user
    • Attempt to exploit exposed information
    • Personal information leakage
    • Companies who aim to collect Big data, excessively store and collect personal information
    • BAADD Media's cases of hacking personal information have been continuously found
    • Digital addiction
    • BAADD Media’s Psychological manipulation for maximizing of advertising impact
    • Users’ emotional problem and social problem occur due to the media contents addiction

Solution is Here

Pricing and reward mechanism that gives value to participants Support of Decentralized self-sufficing media business Safe and self-directed recovery of right to control individual information Organize decentralized self-regulatory organization Digital addiction prevention on platform
Price and Compensation mechanism

Shift from the internet of information to
the information of value through blockchain technology

    • Writer
    • Make profits with assessment about the contents made by oneself
    • Build a solid community through better content production
    • Structuring virtuous circle for continuous production of high quality contents
    • Consumer
    • Receive rewards for the influence and expression to the writer
    • Receive additional rewards for contents distribution
    • Structuring a virtuous circle to facilitate dissemination of high quality contents
    • Advertiser
    • Target advertising without intervention of a third party
    • Providing transparent advertisement with reasonable commission
Decentralized self-sufficing media business

Combine a democratic decision-making corporation and a foundation purse public interest

    • New business model
    • Media : Create profit and new business strategy
    • Writer : Create profit and increase brand value of writer
    • DApp development support
    • Reduce the cost for developing your own service through platform
    • Digital transformation
    • Present future-oriented personal nformation system.
    • Eliminate legal risks
    • Strengthen business capabilities with user data analysis
    • Create additional profits
    • Can set independent agenda
    • Enable two-way communication with consumer
    • Can be developed into a business models for paid contents
Digital Addiction Prevention

Unbundling and re-bundling of
Social Media Service

    • estructure social media service based on the Dapp developer’s original ideas and technologies based on the Every Media blockchain Platform
    • Naturally, users will recognize and understand the mechanism of applications and platforms
    • Use 1% of total assets for social contribution activities in line with the purpose of the Center for Human Technology through ‘Safe Box’
Strengthen the right to
control individual information

Grant ownership of data including personal information to data producer

    • Unable to hack data
    • Excellent access right data control / management
    • Compensation for data use
    • Minimize the third party intervention in data use
Decentralized self-regulatory organization

Apply DPoS, a liquid democracy method of
platform policy

    • Witness group
    • Main policy/decision making bodies
    • Provide EVE coin block generation node
    • Elect advertisement nod witness
    • Decide advertisement fee, date use fee, Dapp developer fee, etc..
    • Operate decision support system(Loomio)
    • Advertisement nod witness group
    • Membership without voting rights.
    • Provide ADD coin block generation node.
    • Elected by witness group.
    • Audit commission
    • Copyrights and harmful contents audit Scanning bot / Audit commission
    • Scanning bot / Audit commission / informant, etc.

Introduce EMP

Platform Assets and Eco System

    • EVE
    • Basic coin with high liquidity
    • Can be traded on exchanges
    • Converted to EMP combined with the ADD coin at a certain rate
    • Details
    • ADD (ADvertisement& DATA)
    • Coin with high liquidity and rewarded based on the level of contribution for advertisement
    • Can be traded on exchanges.
    • Can be exchanged for advertisement value and has a price rigidity in the upward/downward direction
    • Details
    • EXP
    • An assets that can not be traded.
    • A kind of share that allows more activities and voting rights
    • Details


Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen
Core Members

Jae Hyun Lee

Jae Hyun Lee was a development team leader in online advertising agency DIG Communication.
He established and managed several IT companies such as Zen Software, SuperBee, and Pumpkinnz. He has more than 18 years of experience in software development, and business planning.
He majored civil engineering and structural engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

Wan Kyu Lee

Wan Kyu Lee worked in Samsung Securities and Dongseo Securities.
He, who is core-banking and non-core banking system experts, was attracted to the blockchain technology so that joined the project.
He participated in the development of custom-built engineer at Bithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange market in Korea.
He is a developer with extensive network and experiences.

Dal Ho Song

Dal Ho Son has worked as an executive in various financial companies including Hanwha General Insurance and Heungkuk Fire& Marine Insurance.
Also, he developed mobile insurances program and credit card affiliated benefits in SKT and KT, Korean largest mobile and internet companies. He is a planning and marketing expert who launched ‘Mobile Upgrade Program’ for the first time in Korea.

Jik Han Jung

Jik Han Jung is the founder and CEO of SubDream Studios which is the company providing VR game services in the Silicon Valley, US.
He served as a CEO at COLOPL NI, Kabam, and Gala Net, Inc. He graduated Yonsei University.

Jung In Lee

Sean Lee is a start-up planning and development and hardware platform builder.
He is currently COO in Every Media blockchain Platform project.
He is founder of Woomi Networks, Castlt co., KCH co.
He is a management expert who has plentiful experiences.

Woon Jong Kim

He graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Economics. He has played active parts in companies such as Citi bank Korea, Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Standard Securities and The Royal Bank of Scotland for 26 years.
He is an expert in the fields of International finance, risk management, and compliance. He has held Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and International Financial Risk Manager qualifications and knowledge of financial markets and financial industry.

Jong Tae Lee

Jong Tae Lee was the head and the minister of economy of the Seoul branch office, and the vice president of Kookje Daily News which is the representative Newspaper in Busan, South Korea.
He is a journalist and had experience in interaction with government authorities.

Byung Chul Joo

Executive Advisor
Byung Chul Ju served as an editorial writer, the minister of economy, and a director at the Seoul Shinmum, one of the top 10 daily newspapers in South Korea.
He is a professional journalist with rich experience.

Kwang Hee Ahn

Head of Development
Kwang Hee Ahn is a system development expert worked for various companies such as 2014 Asian Games, Woori Bank, Samsung Electronics, KT, Hyundai Motors.
He has extensive experience in management systems and solution development. He is responsible for the development of the team.

Kwang Woo Lee

Head of Service Planning
He participated in the online branding projects of Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, CJ, and Fund Online Korea, and also launched Korea government project service of public offices including Korea Tourism Organization, Seoul City, and Gangnam-gu.
As a person who is majored in computer science, he tries to make blockchain business more accessible to the general public.

Wo Hwan Kim

Head of UX Design
He is a designer who has performed various tasks such as web, mobile, GUI / UX design&marketing;, and advertisement editing design based on user experience.
He participated in the development of applications for Shinhan Bank and KT Web, and developed GUIs for LG, Hyundai Mobis, and Lenovo Mobile. He is the team head of branding and UI / UX development in EMP project.

Heon Sik Cha

DB Architecture
As a DBA and IT engineer, he has participated in numerous SI and SM projects, and is a development specialist who has experienced DB development and operation in the telecommunications, public, manufacturing, and financial industries.
He is in charge of database development and operations.

Kwang Tae Kim

SW Architecture
He majored in aeronautical and mechanical engineering and is a specialist in software development in various fields such as Kaon Media, Gamevil Live, and Wonut Studio.
He is responsible for software development and operations.

Jong Hwa Gang

Server Developer
Jong Hwa Gang produced Renault Samsung car magazine application, MBC news application, graphic authentication system application, 2012 Asian game competition management application. He is the developer with rich experiences.

Jung Yup Chae

Server Developer
He is a design and development specialist who has over 20 years of experience in the financial companies including Samsung Securities, Daewoo Securities, Kukmin Card, and NH Bank.
He has been worked in the field of system construction and takes charge of server development.

Yong Joo Lee

Frontend Developer
He has been involved in the development of integrated solutions that enhance the efficiency of audit work in banking, credit card, securities, insurance, financial institutions, public institutions and corporations.

Jae Wook Kim

Frontend Developer
He is a programming expert with extensive experience in web agency and web services.
He is fluent in using a variety of programming languages and joined the team due to his interest in backend programming.

Moon Soek Oh

Software Engineer
He was a software specialist who has been responsible for clients, credits, and audit managements in financial institutions such as Daishin Securities Co., Ltd. and NH Bank, and provided various statistical indicators necessary for management support through visualization analysis. With great interest in the block chain, now he oversees Core department in the service development team.

Yeong Gon Gang

Software Engineer
He has developed his experience as a server developer of web and application services. He overtook many big SI projects related to finance and public institutions such as Daishin Securities Co., Ltd. and Korea Investment & Securities.
He was attracted by the scalability of the block chain technology and joined the team.

Jae Hoon Lee

Frontend Developer

Jin Sung Yoo

HR Director

Yun Sang Cho

Service Planner

Mi Mi Park

Service Planner

Jae Eun Seok

UX Designer

Won Joong Lee

Strategy Planner

Soo Jung Kim

Strategy Planner

So Yeon Park

Management Planning

Ji Hee Hong

Business Management

Ha Ryeon Lee

Business Management

Ha Na Kim

Management Support

Sun Hyuk Lee

Global Business

Seok Young Hong

Global Business

Myung Jun Lee

Global Business


Yoo Tak Kim

As the CEO of CW (Conscious Walker), he is an advertising specialist who has served as the chairman of the 3rd Korea Line Advertising Association and as the CEO of Admission.
He worked at KT Internet and graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.
He is the Marketing Network Adviser for the Every Media blockchain Platform.


Jong Woo Son

He majored in business administration at Yonsei University.
Since then, he has been responsible for strategic planning team as leader, and BS headquarters in LG U +, a representative telecommunication company of Korea; he was appointed as the youngest Executive Manager proving his management-competence.


Gang Seok Kim

He has been CEO as founder of Korea's leading game company, Blue Hall, which has more than 400 million users around the world.
He is a professional planner for games and internet business with his various experiences as manger with Neowiz Online Game Publishing Responsibility and as Oz Technology Marketing Director.


Ki Young Kim

He is the CEO of Fly High, which provides service security technology consulting services and distribution.
He is currently a member of the Information Security Policy Advisory Board of the Future, a member of the Financial Industry Standardization Technical Committee, and a member of the Information Security Forum.
He was a security adviser at the 19th Presidential Election. He is the security adviser for the project.


Tae Wook Wang

Currently, he is the president of Shinhan Serv, a specialized outsourcing company.
He is a banker and a businessmen who served as Shinhan Bank's Business Promotion Group Head, Brand Strategy Headquarters Headquarters, Dongbu Headquarters Head, Head of Consumer Brand Group Head, and Deputy Head of Consumer Brand Group.


Dong Un Cha

He is a lawyer for DR&AJU; and a member of the Legislative Decree Interpretation Committee.
He graduated from Seoul National University Law School, graduated from Washington State University, USA and graduated from George Washington University in USA.
He received his law degree from Dongguk University. He is a legal counsel.


Jin Seok Im

He has graduated from Seoul National University and worked as a lawyer at Kim & Chang Law Firm, the largest law firm in Korea, and as an international director at the Seoul District Attorneys' Association.
As a representative attorney of Lynn, he currently serves as legal counsel for Every Media blockchain Platform.


Dong Hun Kim

He is the the president of Jennnet, an application software development and supply company, and also serves as an adjunct professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
He was a researcher at IBM Korea and served as general manager of the Netfinity Business Division.



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